Catalog Notes

1 This bar is not a wheel locator like the original factory anti-sway bar/locator but a genuine anti-sway bar that works in addition to the locator that was factory installed. Do not remove the OEM locator bar.
2 If the truck is equiped with a large muffler that is tipped up on its side or positioned close to the inside of the frame rail, use #291 on the 3/4 ton truck and #396 on the 1/2 ton truck.
3 The #220 and #977 kits and the #680 and # 681 kits contain the same bars, The #977 and the #681 kits come with hanger rods and mounting hardware. The #220 and #680 kits use the existing hanger rods from the factory installed rear bar.
4 On some high performance models (SS, GTO, 442), the rear lower control arms are enclosed (boxed) for added strength. The #939 kit will not work on cars that are equipped with these enclosed arms. The #324 must be used on these cars or the #690 or #692 as OE replacements The #690 and #692 are for the 64-72 models only.
5 Ford used two different frames on these model trucks, The #209 will fit on trucks with a 36” wide rear frame. The #396 will fit on 1/2 ton trucks wth a 31” frame. (Frame widths are center to center).
6 On models equipped with a big blocks use #715, available only in a 1” diameter. The #715 is designed to avoid the oil filter.
7 This bar must be used if you have an existing bar on your vehicle. This bar is larger diameter than the factory bar, but uses the same mounting points as the original factory bar. It requires the use of special hardware that was factory installed. This kit may not contain all the hardware that is required for installation. This cannot be used without the original hardware.
8 Some models are equipped with an original factory bar that must be removed to allow installation of this kit.
9 This bar was designed to work in addition to the factory installed original bar, not to replace it. The orginal factory bar remains in place due to the difficulties involved with removing it.
10 When the legs of the U-bolt that attaches the axle to the leaf spring are pointing upwards, use #424.
11 The #301 & #333 both contain the same bar. The #333 is an original factory bar replacement kit that requires the use of the hardware from the original factory rear bar.
12 Two different bars were used on these models, depending on engine type. If your original factory front bar dips up in the center, over the exhaust pipe, use #731. If your original factory front bar dips down in the center, under the exhause pipe, use #523.
13 This bar is an original factory type replacement which mounts in the factory location and is a larger diameter than the original factory bar.
14 Some models came with hollow factory bars. Our bars are solid and therefore have a higher
15 This is not a replacement bar. This bar can be used in addition to the factory bar.

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