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Cars & Crossovers

Sway Bars, or more accurately, Anti-Sway Bars, also known as Anti-Roll Bars and Stabilizer Bars are an essential component to your cars handling, yet inconspicuously hidden beneath your ride, working hard to keep your vehicle balanced and stable.

Nearly every production car is equipped with a Sway Bar for a very good reason; they help control the chassis, providing a more positive and precise driving experience from compact cars to the larger crossovers.

Sway Bars are positioned between the moving suspension and the fixed chassis to act as a stabilizing force, keeping your vehicle more level while cornering. Although Sway Bars may seem simple, they are a key tuning component requiring proper engineering and exact fitment to perform for the life of your vehicle.

Street Cars

Cars have a unique requirement for Sway Bars due to their smaller size design and up-to-5 (or more) passengers. From an empty car with only a single driver to adding 1000 lbs of cargo and passengers, cars require a different approach to control the body roll and maintain precise handling.

Almost all cars arrive from the factory with Sway Bars attached to the front and the rear suspension and are designed specifically for the vehicle and its intended evergage use. For those who are not average, the factory Sway Bar is quickly overworked. Once you start modifying your car for better handling, better looks, added grip for the track or just drive the factory car harder than your average driver, Sway Bars become a very important addition to ensure your car retains optimal performance.


For a lucky set of driving enthusiasts, the local track is the best place to feel the true capability of a car. With no speed-limits, cross traffic or sidewalk curbs to distract from going all out, the limits of the OEM suspension are quickly realized.

Most folks looking for added street or track performance, lower their car and add wider or sticker tires for quick cornering, which can be a smart move. However, when you add more grip, you induce more force on the suspension and increase body roll, and the OEM sway bar quickly fails to resist the added forces.

When you upgrade to an ADDCO Sway Bar, you will regain positive control without sacrifice. The precision tuned, application specific ADDCO designs mean you can easily replace your existing OEM average sway bar with a High Performance Sway Bar that will work for both the track and the street.


With the proliferation of crossover category vehicles on the market and their diverse uses, they are being customized more and more. This class of vehicle offers great multipurpose use for hauling gear, people, pets, equipment and friends in an economical and efficient platform. Although most crossovers are equipped with both a front and rear Sway Bar, they are designed specifically for the stock vehicle, unmodified and used in the traditional daily hauling scenario. If you drive more assertively, take corners a little faster than the average driver, then you can definitely benefit from an upgraded Sway Bar Kit from ADDCO.

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