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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the number one tip you have to offer to help with my anti-sway bar installation?
The most important thing is to ensure is that your wheels are not hanging. The suspension should be compressed so the control arms, etc. are at the same position they would be if the vehicle were sitting at ride height. This can be done by using ramps, a drive on lift, or simply loading the wheels if the vehicle is on jack stands or a two point lift. If this is not done the arc that the bar and suspension moves through due to the excessive travel can make things very difficult to line up.
Will I need to modify my vehicle?
If your vehicle was equipped with an anti-sway bar from the factory, chances are it will be a direct replacement. If it was not, a small amount of drilling may be required. Welding is not required for any of our kits. Check the installation instructions for your application to seek more information.
Do my endlinks need to be vertical?
They should be as near vertical as possible. A small angle is okay but this should not exceed 20 degrees.
How much do I tighten the nut on traditional style endlinks?
You want to avoid over tightening. We suggest tightening the nut until you can just barely turn the spacer tube by hand.
What should I do if I think parts are missing?
With every kit there is an instruction sheet which lists the included hardware. If you have any questions or have discovered something is missing contact technical support and they will be happy to assist you.
What do I do if I have a question during my installation?
We are happy to provide technical assistance which is just moments away. The easiest method is to submit questions via email. If you would prefer the phone, please feel free to call. If no one is available at the time of the call, leave a message and it will be returned promptly.
Do I need to lubricate my bushings?
No, ADDCO is pleased to offer an industry-first maintenance-free urethane midsection bushing with our anti-sway bar kits. In conjunction with a key trading partner, we developed a new urethane bushing that has a self-lubricating function that cannot be made to squeak under more extreme conditions than what vehicles are normally subjected to. There are a couple of exceptions.
Do you offer a warranty?
ADDCO is pleased to offer a limited lifetime warranty applicable to the original purchaser of the product.
If I add a front anti-sway bar, do I need to add one to the rear?
We highly recommend that you upgrade them in sets. When you stiffen one end of the car, it changes the handling characteristics of the vehicle which can have undesirable effects by shifting the balance of traction away from that axle.
Do you make custom anti-sway bars?
We currently do not offer custom bars. Please check back with us in the future.
What is the difference between Solid and Tubular anti-sway bars?
If you compare two bars of the same diameter, one solid and the other tubular, the solid bar will always be stiffer by typically 20%-30%. The advantages of a solid anti-sway bar are that it is less expensive and stiffer than a tubular bar. Tubular bars can be designed to offer the same output as a solid bar but the diameter will be greater. Ultimately this leads to a weight savings of approximately 40% but it is more expensive.
Will this anti-sway bar look exactly like the one I’m replacing?
Sometimes slight changes in bar design are made, with the respect to the OEM version, due to differences in tooling or to accommodate common changes people make to their vehicles in the aftermarket such as lowering or lifting.
My vehicle already has anti-sway bars, why should I upgrade?
There are many reasons to upgrade your factory bar depending on the application. If it is a truck or SUV, it can be made to handle like a passenger car by offering flatter cornering and quicker response. If it is a large passenger car, it can be made to handle like a sports car for the same reasons and it adds more stability on the highway at speed, especially when those big trucks go by. Finally, if it is a sports car you will achieve flattering cornering and if installed as a pair (as intended) you will reduce understeer and have a more neutral handling vehicle.
Does my bar come with all the hardware needed to install it?
The correct answer is that it depends. A lot of our bars come with every single nut and bolt required. Check the catalog carefully as there may be a footnote stating that some of the factory hardware, such as brackets and/or endlinks, will need to be reused.
Is bigger always better?
There is definitely a point of diminishing returns. If the bar rate is too great it can adversely affect the ride quality by coupling both wheels on the same axle over bumps causing independent suspension to behave like a solid axle.

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