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Trucks & SUVs

Sway Bars, or more accurately, Anti-Sway Bars, also known as Anti-Roll Bars and Stabilizer Bars are an essential component to your truck’s handling, yet inconspicuously hidden beneath your truck, working hard to keep your vehicle balanced and stable.

Nearly every production truck is equipped with a Sway Bar for a very good reason; they help control the chassis, providing a more positive and precise driving experience in all truck sizes.

Sway Bars are positioned between the moving suspension and the fixed chassis to act as a stabilizing force, keeping your vehicle more level while cornering. Although Sway Bars may seem simple, they are a key tuning component requiring proper engineering and exact fitment to perform for the life of your vehicle.

Trucks (Pick-Up Trucks)

Trucks have a unique requirement for Sway Bars due to their multi-purpose capability. From an empty load to nearly doubling their weight when fully loaded, trucks require a different approach to control the body roll and maintain precise handling.

In many cases, trucks will arrive from the factory with a front Sway Bar and no rear Sway Bar. This is due to the very light empty rear weight as delivered. Once you start modifying your truck; addinging tool boxes, extra fuel tank, heavy loads, racks, towing or even raising the truck for a more personalized look and ground clearance, Sway Bars become a very important addition to ensure your truck retains optimal performance.


Raised Trucks alter the Center of Gravity (CG) which can induce more body roll, making the ride feel less responsive and even uncomfortable for passengers so we recommend adding a rear bar and upgrading the front bar to manage the added forces. Whenever you raise a truck, its important to consider the Sway Bars as a tuning device to help maintain control and stability.

Heavy loads added to the bed of your truck will cause more body roll. Adding a rear Sway Bar kit from ADDCO will ensure you have a more balanced control of your loaded truck. When a manufacturer does not equip a truck with a rear bar, ADDCO’s Sway Bar Kits are a great addition. All kits come complete with all mounting hardware, precisely tuned bars and high-durability urethane bushings to enhance control.

Towing adds weight and instability to your truck as sideload forces through the hitch push and pull on the chassis. When you accelerate, stop and turn while towing, you must manage the added weight and forces. This side load can cause body roll which needs to be managed with Sway Bars. Whether towing with a tag or fifth wheel, the forces on the chassis added by the additional load change the characteristics of the handling. By adding an ADDCO Sway Bar, you can regain more precise feel and control while towing for a more comfortable and confident ride.


With the proliferation of SUV’s on the market and their diverse uses, they are no longer just the family wagon. SUV’s today are great multipurpose vehicles used for hauling gear, people, towing and adventuring into the wild, while keeping everything inside comfortable and out of the elements. Although most SUV’s are equipped with both a front and rear Sway Bar, they are designed specifically for the stock vehicle, unmodified and used in the traditional daily family hauling scenario. If you drive more assertively, take your SUV off road or corner a little faster than the average driver, then you can definitely benefit from an upgraded Sway Bar Kit from ADDCO.

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